A High-End ENG Camera Recorder Featuring AVC-ULTRA*1 Codecs,
microP2 Card Slots and Network Support for
Automatic FTP Transmission and On-Air Streaming.

*1: AVC-ULTRA is the name of Panasonic's professional video codec family. The AJ-PX5000G does not support all of the formats included in the AVC-ULTRA family.
*2: 60p is actually recorded at 59.94 Hz.
The use of DCF Technologies is under license from Multi-Format, Inc.

Innovating Workflows with Network Functions** and AVC-ULTRA Codecs

Acquisition ⇒ Automatic Uploading

Recorded clips (proxy or actual files) are uploaded directly from the AJ-PX5000G to a network. The new Rec During Upload function automatically uploads files to a network server in the background while recording.

Full-HD Streaming

On-air streaming (via the internet) is possible while recording mainstream video onto a memory card, using only the AJ-PX5000G. This QoS (Quality of service) mode allows proxy images in Full-HD resolution to be streamed at a low bit rate by optimizing the bit rate to match the network condition.

Preview and Remote

Wireless connection is supported via a wireless LAN. Clips recorded by a PC/Mac, tablet device or smartphone can be previewed and metadata can be checked and edited. P2 ROP App for iPad is also provided for multifunctional camera remote operation.

Cloud Solution

Even smoother operation is possible by using a cloud service. Proxy files that are automatically uploaded to a cloud server can be edited (remote playlist editing) from a network, and only the necessary data can be sent from the AJ-PX5000G to an ingest server.