NDI Tools 4.0 is ready for download!

NDI Tools 4.0 is ready for download! Head over to ndi.tv to get a copy.
New features beyond all of the NDI 4.0 improvements.

NDI Scan Converter now has NDI KVM support! Control any remote system with the performance as if you were locally connected to it.

NDI Studio Monitor has native NDI recording, allowing you to record any source into a MOV/NDI file. Recording controls are also available in the web interface. Added is NDI output support and screen flipping. There is also a lowest latency mode as well (the trade off is that some system might experience reduced smoothness of playback).

NDI Access Manager has options for NDI Discovery Server configuration. Download the SDK to get the Discovery Server software.

New in the download is the Adobe File I/O plug-in. This will allow Adobe Premiere to read native NDI recordings along with growing files support! Edit while capture is now available from any application that offers native NDI recording (like NDI Studio Monitor or soon TriCaster).


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