NY Post: Inside the sports world’s “Generation Z” Challenge

Thanks to Nelco Media client, the New York Giants and Don Sperling for giving TriCaster some love in their recent New York Post article!

“Over the course of last year, we had almost 76 million views on Facebook and between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, we had almost 48 million of those 76 million happen during the season.

“So compare that to TV … I can tell you that the difference between them is monstrous.”

The Giants’ success on their digital platforms would not be as strong without the help of the TriCaster, Sperling explains. The multi-camera system, introduced by NewTek in 2005, allows smaller production teams to stream their content directly to their audience, making their highlights and events look like those on network TV.

“The live aspect, and using Facebook and the Tricaster for our live events, the results are increasing and growing all the time,” Sperling said, “because it’s shorter and obviously it appeals to the demographic of the Millennial and Gen Z and people in general.”

TriCaster has gained a foothold thanks to its accessibility — high school and college athletic programs can purchase and install it for $5,000 in its most simple form — bringing fans directly to the source and closer to the action.

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